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We are a family-owned-and-operated logistics provider located in Lincoln, Alabama. Since its founding in 2012, EOL Logistics has furnished comprehensive logistics services in a public and contract environment for customers who require merchandise to be delivered on time every time. Our “Customer Driven Logistics” principle means our primary focus is providing superior quality freight transportation services.


CERTIFICATION: Minority Female Owned Business

  • US DOT: 2322290
  • MC # 792736
  • City of Lincoln # 16555
  • SCAC Code: EOLG


To help achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, EOL Logistics is MBE certified. This certification fosters an environment of continuous improvement through following and improving on our existing procedures to achieve the goal of 100%.

Certification Scope: EOL is in the business of shipping freight, managing truck logistics, moving cargo and making deliveries, but most importantly EOL is in the business of keeping promises.